Black sugar perfect first serum

So I am a bit camera shy still because I am getting over A break out on my chin due to life so I did not photograph the changes this product has created in my skin…however fortunately the breakouts have pretty much stopped and I am just healing. Hopefully the redness, swelling and scars will go away or I will be willing to start photographing my skin again. Anyway since using this product my breakouts did get better, then worse and then much better. Mind you this is only on my chin. Since using this product I have had at most 2 pimples outside my chin area….which is a pretty good record for me.  Obviously I believe that it is my whole system not just this one product that has led to my flawless non chin area….however I do feel like this product does have something to do with my smooth cheeks. 

Here is a close up of my skin…I have large pores due to genetics so my pores are definitely visible…but for my skin this is very clear. 
I started using it about 2 months ago after finishing a first step product from Innisfree and I don’t feel like it made my skin smoother than the previous product…however I do feel like I have had less pimples on the non-chin areas. I feel like the smoothness and brightness of my face has remained about the same as while I was using the previous product, but probably not as moist although it is the summer. I have not been as great with my skin care rutine this summer because of business but I will definitely update after another few months 


Hair removal in China…..feel the burn

Lately I have been on summer vacation, studying Chinese and living in a very inconvenient part of Shanghai. Recently a decision was made to go to Thailand. Yayyy. I am excited scared and nervous all at the same time….but there is another factor as well…..I have to go on a beach. As of yesterday my legs were like the legs of a typical girl who shaves. Smooth for one second. When I first came to China 2 years ago I seriously did not see any girls shaving or removing hair on their legs and armpits. When I asked my roommates where I could by a razor it took me about 20 min. For them to understand what I was talking about 😦 however now women have started using veet here. In the us I tried veet many years ago (the one for super sensitive skin) and it sucked. My legs got chemical burn and hairs did not come off. This time I decided to try again, with the help of my man. I went to the local cvs type store and bought a bottle made for sensitive skin along with the after shave to go with it. Ladies in these shops tend to recognize I probably have extremely sensitive skin given my skin type….so they usually suggest products that I have always ended up needing if I bought something. 

This is the lovely product I ended up using….and for the most part did work…as long as you slather it on quite thick. I was surprised with how much I needed. Anyway…women in China don’t really shave, and the hopeful long amount of time I will be spending with smooth boyfriend approved legs is why….good luck ladies.
On the dark side the reason why women have started using veet is because they now feel like they are too hairy. Which is sad. I will always remove my leg and armpit hair…I have been groomed to do so and grown very attached to having silky smooth legs. However in China it used to be prefectly fine to run around without caring about your body hair…and still is fine. But it is growing less fine as hair removal products desire to enter the Chinese market. So remember ladies, it’s okay to not waste time or money removing your leg hair. If you want to date a guy who will not date you if you don’t have silky smooth body…trust me he is not worth it. 
(p.s. The picture of the lovely lady shaving her face is from an interesting article on women shaving their faces by abc)

Remember, China a developing country….

Oh my goodness it has been so long. I have been quite busy lately because of my studies, boyfriend and a competition. I was nominated for a youth volunteer award in the district that I live in but Chinese awards are not only based on merit. I also have to sing and dance! I made it passed the first round so the second round involves tones of practicing 😢 I have been so busy, from morning until night I hardly have enough time to breath…I also have not tried a whole lot of new products to the point I am ready to share….however now I have tried some masks and finished/ started products so I really did not have much to talk about…
‌Anyway I also have been thinking about talking a lot more about my life here in China. I keep seeing videos of people who visit and expect a garden of happiness by western standards and get blind sighted by being introduced to the reality. If you want to visit China based on western standards…you will pay something close to western prices. You can find awesome deals hotels and transportation just like with any country…but luxury is expensive. If you want an authentic Chinese experience or to pay a cheap price…be quiet. China is a developing country. There are cheap and expensive options for everything. You can have a cheap or expensive hotel and will likely get what you pay for. So a message to all who want to visit….do your research and remember you are in another country.

Dating In Shanghai

  About a year into my life in Shanghai, I decided I wanted to stay here after my graduation. I love living in China, I know it is not a perfect country but it is the first time I have felt at home in my life. When I first came to Shanghai I had a boyfriend. We dated for one year and 7 months before things fell apart in a very dramatic way which ended with him following me places. He is not a bad man, we are just in diffrent places in our lives and thus I decided I need to move on inorder to be happy. 

So obviously now I was in a position I could date. It’s not that I wanted a boyfriend but I did want to start to talk to diffrent people. 

There are a few ways to meet English speakers outside of your normal circle:

1. Go to western places (like former French consesion) 

2. Apps like tinder (in Shanghai this is not just for hooking up but also to find people with similar interests) 

3. Get lucky

So let’s enter the Shanghai dating world together, as I make a series about some of my experiences with men in this city.

My new favorite sheet masks

Yayayayayay I have been using these 2$ masks, and they are absolutely amazing. The effect lasts a decent amount of time…and they just all over make your skin look so amazing. 

I like the balancing ones because pores, but the whitening ones also really even up my skin tone when I use them. I will still use my cheap masks for a quick pick me up but these are my go to shitty day masks. My skin just looks so flawless after using them, not only that but these masks really fit to diffrent faceshapes. 

Honey I am home…

Boy oh boy have I been out of the blogging world for quite some time. My love life and school life just took over to the point where I was not putting a lot of focus on myself….however I’m back…and boy do I have some stories and products to introduce you! Not only that but I am working on bringing you all some insite into life in China and the social dynamic here in mainland.  

Enjoy this picture of the New Years lanterns 

祝你春节快乐! Happy spring festival!! 

This is the first post of my spring festival series…I am going to try start including Chinese posts so 如果我写错了,可以告诉我 ^_^ 

春节是中国最重要的节日。可是对外国人来说, 也是一个形影相吊的节日。我们常常没有家人在中国所以自己吃年夜饭。我的中国朋友的家常多是远远的省,不可一起吃了。

春節是中國最重要的節日。 可是對外國人來說, 也是一個形影相弔的節日。 我們常常沒有家人在中國所以自己吃年夜飯。 我的中國朋友的家常多是遠遠的省,不可一起吃了。

Spring festival is the most important holiday for China. However for foreigners, it is also a sad and lonely holiday. We often do not have family in China so we eat the New Years dinner alone. My Chinese friends often come from far provences so we cannot eat the dinner together.


外國人也不可以較中國的春節傳統是什麼。 我會告訴你們,可是如果你是中國人。。。 可以加東西

Forigners don’t (often) learn what Chinese spring festival is. I will tell you.


1911 年以前, 在中国的最后一个王朝….中国人用 农历。春节是了中国的新年。1911以后,中国人用阳历。今天新年是一月一号,所以叫新年《春节》。

1911 年以前, 在中國的最後一個王朝…. 中國人用 農曆。 春節是了中國的新年。 1911以後,中國人用陽曆。 今天新年是一月一號,所以叫新年《春節》。

Before 1911 in the last dynasty of China, Chinese people used the luner calendar. Spring festival is the Chinese New Year. After 1911 Chinese people started to use the solar calendar . Today new year is January first, so we call Chinese New Year “spring festival”.



新年也有很多野史。 我覺得野史都有《年》,一個野獸誰在除夕吃了人。 對她,紅的東西和鞭炮是可怕。 因為她怕這些東西,在除夕中國人用了很多。

There are many legends about Chinese New Year. I feel like they all include “年“ (the word for year in Chinese, pronounced nian), a beast who eats people on New Year’s Eve. He is scared of firecrackers and red things so you will see a lot of this on New Year’s Eve.